Welcome to our Community of Practice (CoP) entitled “The Innovation and the Future of STEM Education”. We are a group of university teachers from the eight UGC Hong Kong tertiary institutes passionate and committed to the growth and evolution of STEM tertiary education to enhance Hong Kong students’ learning outcomes. Our objectives as a CoP are:

  • To build a community of university STEM teachers to promote innovative pedagogies and technologies supporting STEM education;
  • To share experiences of implementing innovative pedagogies and technologies to support STEM learning and teaching;
  • To investigate the Science of Learning and how different active-learning pedagogies supported by technologies impact student learning outcomes and equity.

Our future events include:

  • Kick off Half Day Virtual Symposium: “Online teaching by STEM teachers: Opportunities and challenges”;
  • Bi-Monthly (6 meetings per year) CoP meetings (f2f or via zoom);
  • Workshops and seminars that fulfill the objectives of our CoP;
  • Workshops/Projects/Competitions on STEM for our undergraduates, open to ALL the eight UGC Hong Kong tertiary institutes to
    • promote STEM education by providing students with transformative learning experiences;
    • develop essential skills and competence among our STEM undergraduates;
    • promote awareness of important current and possible future challenges in society,e.g., climate change conferences, hackathon on apps for learning and social change, robot competitions, etc.
  • Social events for members of the CoP to promote networking and cross-institutional collaboration.

If you are interested in joining our CoP, please click here to register.