Date: 28 March 2022 (Monday)

Time: 5:00PM – 7:00PM HKT

Venue: Online event via Zoom

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About the event

In this set of presentations, the speakers will share their personal experiences of how and why they conducted research on their teaching practices. They will offer practical tips on how they published their innovative teaching ideas in scholarly journals. 

Keynote address by Dr Kai Ming Kiang:

Experience sharing on pedagogical research – how I started my research in it and why is it fascinating


In this talk, I will briefly share my path of pedagogical research – first conduct my own set of survey evaluations on the course that I teach; then research to improve my teaching with the development of pedagogical tools, including micro-modules development and game-based teaching strategy. Currently, I have my research on science education, on its philosophy and pedagogy. As Keith Taber has said in Progressing Science Education (2009), “research in Science Education can be considered to be science”, which can in principle be considered as a research programme (a term suggested by Lakatos). This perspective on science education motivated me to continue the pedagogical research, and provides me new insights and synergy on my teaching.


Dr Kai Ming Kiang 

Senior Lecturer

Office of University General Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr Kai Ming KIANG teaches science-related general education with a research interest in the philosophy, history and education of science as well as applying technologies in education. He pioneered in developing e-learning facilities and game-based learning in the university with grants and publications. He also has an interest in popularizing science in the public and was a host in a TV series on popular science.

Kai Ming obtained his BEng (2000) and PhD (2007) degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia. Before joining OUGE in 2012, he was an instructor I in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, CUHK. He also worked as an engineer in Invensys Industrial Automation and Provecta Process Control in Australia before joining CUHK.

Keynote address by Professor Dr Michael Botelho:

Design, explore, share – The networking and impact of scholarship


This presentation takes a personal perspective on the key stages of starting and developing the scholarship of teaching and learning with examples and tips of how not to do it(!) but more importantly examples of how to do it and have impact.


Professor Michael Botelho

Clinical Professor in Prosthodontics

Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Michael Botelho has been at HKU for over 27 years and been actively engaged in educational reform, pedagogy and innovation. In education, he has over 20 peer reviewed publications and 8 book chapters and participated in 19 education grants. He has lectured and consulted in Hong Kong, across South-East Asia and in Europe and North America. His educational research interests are related to video and online learning, PBL, active learning, the flipped class and student centered teaching. He has a number of teaching awards including the UGC Teaching Award. He is vice president of the Education Group of the IADR and is an executive board member of the Association of Dental Educators of Europe. 

Keynote address by Dr Kennedy Chan:

Practicalising theoretical knowledge about teaching and theorising practical knowledge about teaching


In this presentation, I will describe how I used my own classroom as a living laboratory. Specifically, I will give different examples of how I practicalised current theory about effective teaching and learning, and made use of my teaching for research, thereby theorising practical knowledge about teaching. The broader goal of this presentation is to offer some practical tips for contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Dr Kennedy Chan

Associator Professor

Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Kennedy Chan is a science education researcher and teacher educator with a strong commitment to understanding and developing science teachers’ expertise. His research interests include science teacher professional knowledge and the use of video in teacher education. Kennedy practises research-led teaching and has won multiple teaching awards, including the 2017 University Early Career Teaching Award and the 2017 Student-led University Teaching Feedback Award and four faculty-level teaching awards.

He was also a finalist for the 2019 University Grants Committee Teaching Award (Early Career Faculty Members). He has published and disseminated his innovative teaching ideas through both traditional outlets, such as journal articles, book chapters, and research conference papers, and through less formal outlets, such as newsletters and talks at practitioner meetings. He is currently an associate editor of Research in Science Education and an editorial board member of International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education and Research in Science and Technological Education.